The greenhouse


This is our greenhouse set up. It’s killing me a bit to have the light on constantly, but I have convinced myself that it will all equal out in the end….

Anyhoo. The set up. We picked up the greenhouse at Home Depot for $25, four flats of Jiffy Seed starter greenhouses and “plant” light bulbs for our clip on laps (scavenged from the studio.) We also stuck a heating pad in the greenhouse, not under the plants because it’s a people heating pad, not a plant heating pad. So, with the addition of the heating pad, the lights are keeping it about 70-72 degrees in the greenhouse.

Kiddo helped me plant about 5 seeds before declaring that it was “boring” and wandered off. I guess planting inside is not as exciting as casting about seeds outdoors. Oh well. She and I started two scarlet runner beans for her, so she can watch them grow. I will post photos of that later.

I’m pretty pleased with my little set up and getting excited to get out and dig in the garden, which is currently under another 5 or so inches of fresh snow. (Also it was 7 degrees outside when we left for school and work this morning. Boo.)


2 thoughts on “The greenhouse

  1. Super cool, although I am beginning to suspect spring is never going to arrive here. Are you turning off the lights for a few hours at night? I could be misremembering, but I think once the baby plants have emerged they need a diurnal cycle to grow into healthy well-adjusted plants.

    1. I know, right?! I think I got a touch of frost bite this morning getting kiddo into the car. 😦

      Right now I’m just keeping the light on for the heat – they need to be kept pretty warm until they start germinating. Once that happens I will only keep the light on them during the day.

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